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Our Improv Show

Madcap Theater’s award-winning improv show has been wowing audiences with their unique blend of family-friendly comedy, service, and production value for almost a decade. We’re proud to be the premiere live comedy show for the Denver & Boulder area but our true triumph has been proving to everyone that you don’t have to be dirty, offensive, or even inappropriate to be funny. Since our opening night, we have entertained corporations, churches, and audiences whose ages range from 5 to 85. The success of each and every show has always come down to our four primary concepts:


We don’t memorize lines—we make them up as we go. Every show at Madcap is completely unscripted. This means that everything you see is being made up on the spot while you’re watching. This spontaneous form of theater is an unpredictable and highly entertaining experience for both our audience and our actors.

Clean Comedy

We want our show to be enjoyable for everyone. At Madcap, we pride ourselves on performing material that’s appropriate for all types of audiences in every show we do. So bring your co-workers, bring your family, bring your date and know that our content will always be suitable and entertaining for everyone.


To be part of our audience is to be a part of our show. Unlike traditional theater, Madcap shows are dependant upon audience participation. Our cast creates scenes on the spot based on audience suggestions. We consider the audience to be a vital part of our creative process so come with your suggestions ready.


No two shows at Madcap are ever the same. Given the interactive nature of what we do, you’ll never see a show or its scenes performed the same way twice. Every audience brings their own unique creativity and enthusiasm. This guarantees that every Madcap performance is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

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